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Roofing is a crucial aspect of your home that must be repaired on a regular basis. The restoration of a roof improves the aesthetics and functioning of your property. Many homeowners overlook the necessity of maintenance and repairs and therefore are unaware of the ramifications. Lack of regular care can cause serious damage to the structure, necessitating a completely new roof. And in a result Roof replacement will be expensive and can bring more problems than you think.

According to the adage, prevention is better than cure you must inspect your roofing for minor defects on a regular basis to keep it from deteriorating worse. Trio Roofing Company comes into play at this point. We are one of San Mateo’s leading roofing companies. We understand that your roof protects your entire home and household from extreme heat, storms, snow, and other inclement weather. After enduring so much, the roof could well be damaged, necessitating annual maintenance. On your very first call, our crew rushes over to you, looking for any existing problems and immediately resolving them.

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With our many years of experience in this industry, our locally owned and managed company, TRIO Roofers has already built a reputation based on outstanding and affordable customer service for clients in the San Mateo, CA. We can take care of any size of roofing jobs, delivering each project using the latest and most effective methods in roof repair or renovation.

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A list of roofing company businesses may surface when you check online. Trio Roofing is among the most reputable roofing companies, with over three decades of competence. We possess decades of experience and exceptional workmanship in the roofing project. We can handle massive projects as well as offer roofing solutions for both residential and commercial customers. In addition, we provide guttering and siding as well as other building services. The company repairs to brick, cladding, concrete, vinyl, and other exterior materials. Every task has been completed in a professional, efficient, and responsible way, with a focus on project completion on time.

By offering reasonable and affordable pricing to its clients, we have achieved an optimum combination between price and service. We possess competent and experienced personnel who can offer a practical and efficient solution to all kinds of roofing repair concerns, as well as good recommendations to our clients. For prestigious customers, the company provides world-class designs and consultancy expertise for roofing projects.

The company is recognized for sticking to project deadlines and staying within budget in all of its initiatives. Because it specializes in amicable and long relations with not only its clients but also contractors and suppliers, our company places a premium on ensuring its quality and customer satisfaction.

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Residential Roofing

If your home is in need of a new top, you can’t go wrong with TRIO Roofers Residential Roofing services. Whether you have a major roof leak or just want to replace worn shingles on your home or rental property, our experienced roof installers can handle the job. We use top-quality materials on all projects, including tile, shake, wood, comp, and more.

Roof Leak Repair

TRIO Roofers are experts in roof repairs with our highly trained, skilled contractors. Our team will do a full diagnose on the damage and communicate the extent of the damage to the homeowner in order to provide a full on site solution. All of our work can be done the same day if available as the repair was diagnosed, hence, saving our client’s precious time.  

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance is important to keeping your investment in one tip-top shape for many years to come. In fact, many warranties that accompany a roof from the manufacture void if not properly maintained by their suggestions. Most manufactures suggest common practices that can

Commercial Roofing

For commercial roofing jobs large or small, you can’t beat the reliable service and top-quality materials you’ll receive from the roofing specialists at TRIO Roofers. We've specialized in all types of commercial roofing work, from new construction to patching leaks and more. Commercial roofing service from TRIO Roofers can be tailored to suit all types of business and industrial structures, including banks, warehouses, schools, churches, hospitals, markets, and more.

Roof Installation

We are the favorite choice for full-service roofing in San Mateo, CA and the surrounding areas for a reason. Firstly, everyone knows that we are capable of roof installation of all kinds. No matter what your ideas for your home or commercial property may be, we are the company that can give you the roof you want and need. You can trust that our roofing installation also offers vast longevity and unrivaled strength. That is why we are the top choice for roofing installation in San Mateo, CA. 

New Construction Roofing

Building any type of new property is a serious endeavor. As an investor, you want to make sure that you are getting the highest return on your money. The only way to ensure a high return is to work with professional contractors who’ve completed their roofing jobs successfully. Here at TRIO Roofers, we have the experience and a professional body of work that would lay to rest the concerns of the most thoughtful investors. We do solid roofing construction in San Mateo, CA guaranteed.

Emergency Roof Services

It all could start with a small leak and within a few hours it could become a serious problem for the entire home, apartment or commercial property. Therefore, it would be prudent to take the advice of professionals like us who are good at providing proactive maintenance services for roofs so that such emergencies can be avoided.

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What We Do?

Whenever it comes to roof installation or maintenance, there is arguably no room for compromise. You would be responsible for the general protection of your home’s roofing if you schedule frequent roof repairs. Our skilled roofers will inspect your roof for indications of leaks or inclement weather, then address any problems as soon as possible before they escalate. All across San Mateo, we cover a wide variety of roofing. We are top performers, offering a full variety of roofing solutions to a wide range of clients. The favorable response we receive motivates us. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective options that ensure excellent treatment and outcomes.

With the exception of installation, our firm Trio roofing is capable of doing a variety of roofing projects. We also provide roof repair, replacement, and restoration services. We are experts with a team of qualified personnel who are familiar with all elements of roof installation, maintenance, and restoration, as well as preservation. If you experience a problem with your roof, you can contact us for assistance.

We deal with a variety of roofing systems on a regular basis to ensure that each of our customers obtains the roofing system that best serves them. We pay close attention to the details, the materials utilized, and everything else that is required to complete each job successfully.

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Who are we?

As already stated, locating a low-cost roof repair company is primarily measured by the performance of work that can be expected. Skilled roofing experts should always be hired in this situation. With a simple roofing inspection, specialists from Trio Roofing Company will swiftly analyze the condition of your roof. Furthermore, the organization will provide you with an accurate estimate of the roof repair damage and costs. After all, the experience is far more valuable than the money. As a result, you’d rather spend a somewhat increased upfront fee in a position to afford only once. In the long term, such an item of expenditure will be significantly less expensive than paying for repeated cheap roofing restorations.

We exclusively offer top-of-the-line goods for the perfect roofing services in San Mateo, premised on decades of work expertise. We use cutting-edge expertise and equipment to ensure that every consumer receives a high-quality product. Trio Roofing Company’s experienced staff is fully skilled and has a long record of roofing work. We offer sincere, professional service and are one of the few general companies who provide training to their personnel.


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Overall, there are numerous advantages to partnering with a professional roofing service. It’s essential to select a company once you’ve reviewed all of your prospects. It may not be difficult to locate a competent roofer, particularly if you are in San Mateo. Trio Roofing is a competent roofing company that performs a variety of roof installation and maintenance services. The business has a lot of experience in this industry and will ensure that you got the finest deal possible.

Our company delivers excellent customer service, which now has resulted in a successful public relations background. We believe that the customer understands well, thus we collaborate with you step by step to guarantee that your roof is erected or maintained according to your exacting standards, as well as providing advice on how to take your roofing device to another level of protection.

Contact Trio Roofing Company if you’re seeking a low-cost quality roof repair or a new roof installation. Roof repairing services, such as roof maintenance and inspection, are provided by a dependable roofing company. You’ll be able to enjoy the right balance of low-cost roofing repair and excellent roof maintenance. Request a free quote from Trio Roofing today by filling out the online form.

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